Product Management Strategy

Product development strategy provides a roadmap to develop an idea into a successful product. We focus on adding value to your idea for a successful launch. APPSTIRR’s team implements the product strategy in the design and development phase of an application. As an innovation partner for many of our clients, we have years of experience in creating the perfect product strategy that makes you the next big success story.


We conduct in-depth analysis for your idea and break the entire product strategy and operations into stages to harness the power of your application.


Discovery Stage

We conduct discovery workshops to enhance the scope of your brilliant idea!


We conduct in-depth analysis for your idea and break the entire product strategy and operations into stages to harness the power of your application.


Idea Validation

Our team conducts thorough market research to identify and validate the segments relevant to the scope of your application.


Journey Mapping

Based on our research, we map the entire product development process for a cost-effective and successful outcome.


Product Development

Our team works on designing a user-friendly interface whilst adhering to the most effective and updated coding practices.



After endless rounds of testing, we deploy your idea into a full-fledged product.

Morfow-The Complete Real Estate Management Product

With years of experience in creating disruptive technologies, APPSTIRR created Morfow— a comprehensive real estate management dashboard for clients to manage all their projects and customers from a single platform. Morfow offers clients a scalable mobile application to keep a track of their real estate projects and their clients.

One-Stop Real Estate
Management Solution

Morfow is a SaaS-based cost-effective platform that allows you to manage your entire real estate business. It has different modules that allows your team to easily coordinate in real-time from anywhere. Morfow also offers a user-friendly mobile application that provides all the updates about your project to your clients and potential customers.

Selling Properties
Made Easier

Morfow offers real estate businesses multiple clouds that allows them to keep track of their marketing, sales, construction, and inventory. With Morfow, you can easily track the number of units you have sold in a particular time period and track the construction status of each unit as well. Your clients can also make online payments via the Morfow mobile application.

Product strategy and operations

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Our discovery workshops are focused on bringing out the best of your idea. We are dedicated to create an application that become the talk of the town instantly. Our team creates a product development strategy that best suits your idea. The strategy comprises all the steps from documentation and all the way to product launch.

At APPSTIRR, our goal is to minimize the costs and maximize the returns on your idea. Our team evaluates every step of the application development process for an effective outcome. As an innovation partner with multiple businesses, APPSTIRR works on the marketing plan for the application as well. We conduct in-depth market research to determine the best time for your app launch.

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Leading Product Development Company in UAE

APPSTIRR has made clients the biggest brand in their respective markets with its comprehensive product strategy. We are focused on creating disruptive technology solutions for every industry. Our software development team uses the latest technology frameworks to create mobile applications and software solutions.

We have years of experience in creating mobile applications that are scalable and user-engaging. Our applications are optimized to run on Android and iOS platforms. APPSTIRR ensures quality product delivery and we strive hard to meet customers' needs more effectively. We have successfully helped many businesses achieve digital transformation through our solutions.

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Clients That Trust Our Services

I had asked APPSTIRR to create a mobile game application for iOS and Android platforms. Their team was professional throughout the entire mobile application development process.

Casey Stewart Switch Poker

There was one person who was the contact the whole project that made communication easy. APPSTIRR designed and developed an application that helps organize pick-up hockey game.

Dr. Thomas Miskavige Hockey Now

Frank was fantastic to work with. He was on point with everything and helpful throughout the entire process. He worked with me going back and forth with his team fixing every little detail.

Daniel Weiner Blue Collar

Even though I am sure mine was a relatively small job for APPSTIRR, I felt they took their job just as seriously. Personalized attention and reliability are attributes I appreciate and APPSTIRR did not disappoint!

Dr. Farrin Manian Pearl 4 Peers


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