We Have Highly-experienced Mobile Game Developers

Creates smooth and interactive designs matching core game play

Strategy Games

Strategy games are all about a great storyline and dynamic colors and our developers have the expertise to do that right.

Puzzle Games

Our experienced team of mobile game developers provides users with flawless and highly-gripping puzzle games.

Action Games

The mobile game apps development services we provide addict users with great stories and action-packed gameplay.

Adventure Games

We have expert game app developers who leverage the latest technology to create stunning visuals for adventure games.

Sports Games

APPSTIRR’s creative app games developers have years of experience, which is why they can create addictive sports games.

Racing Games

With our expertise in game app development, we come up with great graphics for racing games that mesmerizes the users.


APPSTIRR’s Game Developers Work on the Best Platforms

Our game app developers are expert in creating Arcade, FPS, TPS, Strategy, Adventure, and other games for multiple platforms with a smooth user experience.


Take a Look at Some of the Most Addictive Games that Our Team has Developed over the Years.


Legendary Game Development Company in UAE

At APPSTIRR, we create compelling and engaging 2D games to perform efficiently on all types devices. 2D games have a wide audience due to their easy to play nature. The landscape of mobile game development in UAE has evolved to an advanced level. APPSTIRR is experienced in developing games with exquisite graphics and a user-friendly gameplay. Multi-player games are addictive because of how interactive and engaging they are. They allow users to communicate with each other as well as compete - Turning multi-player games into one of the most fun games to be played.


Our Unique Game Development Process, Tools, & Technology

APPSTIRR’s clients are satisfied with our work because of our streamlined process, and the latest technologies that we utilize for best functionality. The quality of our work speaks for itself by the sheer number of downloads.

Build Up a Game Story

The developers at APPSTIRR generate stories that makes the user want more until they finish the game.

Intense Mobile Game Testing

We perform iterative testing to make sure that the game is free from any bugs that might have emerged.

Mobile Game Engine & Platform

We use game engines that provide interactive gameplay and a way to launch it on various platforms.

Monetization Strategy

Our services include a monetization strategy to help our clients efficiently earn from the ideas.

Design Game Structure & Wireframes

Our designers push their limits to bring creativity in the design, and smooth functionality.

Launch Mobile App

Launching the mobile app on the respective app stores is another one of our expertise.

Develop Mobile Game

The games we develop are according to the needs of our clients and gives them more than they asked for.

Support & Maintenance

Support & maintenance is crucial for our clients, and we do not compromise when it comes to our job

Build Up a Game Story

Our team’s creativity stems from their passion to deliver powerful game stories to clients.

Intense Mobile Game Testing

Testing engineers at APPSTIRR take their time to address and remove all the issues.

Mobile Game Engine & Platform

Using the best game engines and platforms, we come up with exciting gameplays.

Monetization Strategy

Clients love to work with us because we give them the perfect monetization strategy to earn from the games.

Design Game Structure & Wireframes

The designers we have, are experienced in creating beautiful designs and a smooth flow.

Launch Mobile App

Launching the game app on app stores needs a thorough understanding of app stores’ requirements. We do it without a sweat!

Develop Mobile Game

We develop interesting mobile games for our clients across the globe with flawless functionality.

Support & Maintenance

As a top game development company our top most priority is customer satisfaction and optimum performance.

Development Tools

Design Tools

Development Tools

Design Tools


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