Top Audio/Video Calling Apps in the UAE 2022

People of UAE struggle with audio and video calling facilities as certain apps are banned in UAE by Telecommunication Company! It can cause great trouble for the UAE residents as well as people around the globe wanting to communicate with their loved ones living in UAE. However, thanks to the mobile app development companies who have contributed to making some of the best video calling apps that can work smoothly in the UAE. The video and audio calling apps make virtual communication effortless and effective with some amazing and exciting features and functions. Whether you need a video call app for communication purposes or business purposes, you just need to download the best app for video calling and you’re all set to connect with your distant friends, family, and office colleagues.

We’ve explored some of the top-performing video callings apps that can work seamlessly in the UAE. Have a look at these best audio/video callings apps and get your communication problem sorted out right away!

What are the best audio/video calling apps in UAE?

1. Botim 

Botim is one of the most popular video calling apps in the UAE that enables users to make HD calls anywhere across the world. It’s a great app that can be purchased by selecting one of the two simple packages available. The first package is AED 50 per month for those users who want to access Botim on their 3G/4G cellular network. While users who want to use the Botim app with their home Wi-Fi can get it at the cost of AED 100 per month. Botim provides a seamless and uninterrupted calling experience with its great video and audio quality.

Botim is created by uniquely catering to the user’s expectations and needs. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a built-in emoji dashboard. The best part is that all the calls and messages on Botim are encrypted and fully secure, which makes it a safer platform. Moreover, you can share photos, videos, and voice messages with your friends and family with this app.

2. Zoom

Zoom is among the best audio and video calling apps that are ideal for video teleconferencing, meetings, chatting, calling, and conducting video webinars. People who want to call in UAE can download this app and enjoy video calling with their distant peers and family members. Zoom is ideal for businesses as it helps employees to connect and share their ideas, documents, and screens with other employees regardless of the location.

Zoom is been utilized in various different sectors including education, finance, government, healthcare, etc. Many people in UAE prefer this app as it’s a fully-featured, easy-to-use app for HD video and audio calls. Once you download the app you can simply click on the “New Meeting” feature through which you can invite up to 100 participants to join the video call. Zoom is rated as one of the flawless video/audio apps that can make communication and collaboration extremely fun and engaging.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be your best companion for audio and video calls. This app is not only used for individual calling but has extensively been used worldwide for conducting business meetings and online classes. It gains significant popularity since the rise of the global pandemic where people need to communicate virtually. Google Hangouts messaging allow you to have a one-on-one conversation or group chat with your whole friend’s squad. You can share emojis, photos, GIFs, stickers, and much more to make messaging lively and fun-loving.

This app can run efficiently across various OS including Android, iOS, and Windows. No matter where you are, you can maintain a smooth conversation by syncing your chats from one device to another. Furthermore, you can make phone calls anywhere in the world and can also link your Google Voice account for voicemail integration.

Voico App

Voico is simply an amazing audio/video calling app that is designed with a lot of wonderful features and functions. Voico enables you to connect with your friends, family, or even business partners. The end-to-end encryption calls and messages make it an absolutely secure app. Voico allows its users to enjoy unblocked calls HD video and audio calls anywhere in the world. You can quickly connect and communicate instantly with Voico simple messaging.

The voice note feature takes notes and messages for you at any time. It makes messages translation easier with its automatic chat translator that can translate your chat into 100+ different languages. You can also share photos, videos, text messages, documents, screens, and locations with anyone. It’s a kind of an app that let you express your emotions by sharing memes, GIFs, animated stickers, and much more. Moreover, you can hide chat once it’s sent and received with the help of the disappearing message feature. There is no need to have multiple login names and passwords, all you need to do is register yourself with a phone number and get started with the Voico app.

4. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft developed software known as Microsoft Teams that facilitates audio and video calling. It supports overseas conferences and is great for audio and video calling with friends and family. Microsoft Teams is designed with some top-notch features that ensure flawless communication and collaboration. It enables sharing documents, files, screens, and much more to help you with remote collaboration. Online meetings and video conferencing can be held with this powerful audio/video calling app. You can enjoy an uninterruptible calling experience with real-time noise suppression.

Microsoft Teams is widely used in three main sectors including education, retail, and business. Conducting online sessions and learning engagingly and innovatively is all easy with Microsoft Teams. Educators, parents/guardians, and students can all gather at one platform to streamline distant learning. Moreover, businesses and enterprises can take great advantage of Microsoft Teams' business functionalities. The payment plan for business basic is $6.00 per user/month while the standard starts from $12.50 per user/month.

5. HiU Messenger

The HiU Messenger is an interactive and easy-to-use free voice and video calling app that works exceptionally well. You can simply connect anywhere, anytime with your friends and family worldwide using the HiU app. HiU can work with both android and iOS devices. HiU is built with some of the simple yet amazing features that make it one of the reliable video calling apps in the UAE. You can group chat with up to 500 people and that’s beyond the limit!

Like other video calling apps, HiU makes sharing images, videos, and locations so that you’re always in touch with your precious ones. You can send voice messages as well if you are not in the mood to take a call. In addition, you can view when your messages are delivered and read. HiU Messenger is available in different languages including Arabic, English, Hindi, Chinese, French, and Italian. This lightweight video calling app is ideal for those looking to get everyday calls done without any overloaded and complicated functions!

6. YzerChat

YzerChat is the state-of-the-art audio/video calling app that enables making free unlimited video call in UAE. It uses HD video and voice calls in addition to providing enhanced instant messaging functionality. Its simplicity, quickness, and rapid synchronization of dialogues across devices are all appealing. Furthermore, YzerChat allows you to send and receive any file while maintaining complete data security. Most importantly, YzerChat can translate messages into your native language in real-time, eliminating the need to navigate between apps or copy and paste the text.

YzerChat is an effective alternative to regular SMS messages and calling with loads of additional capabilities like sharing photographs, files, voice messages, group conversations, etc. Through YzerChat, you can create your own public channels, where you can post and share pictures and daily interact with your family and friends. It keeps your all individual chats, channels, and media secure with end-to-end encryption. The information is accessible only by you and your conversation partners. The modern and minimalistic user interface of YzerChat makes it easy to be used by anyone.

7. ToTok

ToTok is one of the internet calling and messaging apps introduced in Abu Dhabi Global Market economic free zone. With its smooth audio and video quality, it’s gaining significant popularity for video calls in UAE. The HD video and voice calling in ToTok are free of cost, with no need to sign up for a monthly membership. Artificial intelligence is used in the app to improve speech clarity and eliminate echo, allowing you to interact with your friends and family from anywhere with convenience and comfort.

ToTok allows you to send voice messages, stickers, GIFs, images, videos, locations, files, and more with your ToTok partner. This fantastic tool can handle up to 10,000-person group chats and 20-person group video calls. ToTok comprises a built-in retouch filter that can make your skin look clear during video calls. You can also fully customize your conversations with ToTok's selected wallpapers or any images of your choice.

What’s the importance of video calling apps?

In this fast-paced world, people barely have time to interact with their loved ones because of their all-day-long hectic schedules. But thanks to the ever-evolving technology! It’s now easier to connect with your family and friends with just a single tap on your smartphone.

The demand for video calling apps significantly increased since the Covid-19 pandemic when people were unable to socialize and meet their peers, friends, relatives, etc. Businesses also recognize the worth of such apps in times when there was no means of attending on-site meetings and interviews. The solution to all these problems was to remotely collaborate and communicate. And that is where audio/video calling apps come into play.

Final words

App development companies are creating robust and functional audio/video calling apps to provide hassle-free communication in different countries of the UAE! But for now, you can consider the above-mentioned video calling apps that let you connect with anyone around the globe. These audio/video apps are developed with tremendous functions and features to give you the best-ever video calling experience!

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