How to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2021?

The world has progressed, and the conventional means are being replaced by new, modern, and technology-based trends. Technology is the new normal now, and in this new world of technology, the number of apps is increasing day by day. These developed apps have a great impact on how companies operate their business as well. As mentioned in research conducted by Statista, mobile apps alone are predicted to generate 935 billion us dollars in revenue by the year 2023. Today technology has made it easier for you to expand your business and broaden your customer base as more and more people will be able to access your services worldwide.

Understanding the need for time, more and more businesses have started adopting the trend of getting an app customized. Developing an app is not an easy task. It requires you to make important decisions that will have an impact on your business as well. Having a clear understanding of your app’s purpose is one of the most important things to consider. Once you have a clear image of what you want, then comes the time to choose a developer. In that case, you usually have two options, either to hire an in-house team of developers or to outsource your app’s development.

Having an in-house app development team is usually expensive because outsourcing app development is the best available choice for businesses. Knowing how to outsource app development is important to know what it is and its pros.

Application outsourcing is the hiring of third-party development companies to develop mobile apps. Outsourcing app development is a much better approach than having an in-house development team as third-party app development companies always have an experienced team of app developers; these companies work round the clock 24/7 to meet their client’s requirements for customized app development.

Outsource app development cost:

The cost of outsourcing app development is much lesser than having an In-house team of app development. The cost of hiring application development companies varies from region to region; developers worldwide charge different prices according to applications’ requirements.

According to a survey, hiring a development company for app development in the UAE varies from $5000 to $50000. The number also varies from the range of apps needed by clients. An extensive app with amazing features costs almost $240000 in UAE. Outsource app development cost is also charged on an hourly basis, this also varies from region to region as developers in Australia and western European countries charge $250 per hour. In contrast, in eastern European countries, the cost of hiring app developers starts from approximately $30 per hour to $ 110 per hour.

Options available for outsourcing app development:

If you have decided to outsource the application development for your business, you have to choose from the three options available, which are:

Hire a development company:

To outsource app development, you can hire an app development company having experienced app developers. App development companies carry an organized procedure of app development with the best available technology. Usually, these app development companies are working round the clock in providing their services.

Freelance developers:

Hiring freelance app developers is another option available when you decide to outsource an app. Usually, the cost is less when you hire freelance developers if compared to hiring app development companies. These freelance developers also charge costs on an hourly basis if compared to development companies.

Off the shelf solutions:

Off the shelf software solution is another outsourcing option available to businesses; it is the cheapest option available from all the above-mentioned outsourcing options. Other than being cheapest in cost off the shelf software solution also provides many features for the apps, and apps through this software are faster to launch.

How to outsource app development?

You need to know that how to outsource your application development before approaching an app development company. Your priorities should be clear; you should know what is best for your business. To outsource your app, you must make sure you know the things listed below.

Clear outline for your app:

To outsource your app, you must have a clear aim for the customized app you need. This will help you find a suitable company for app development that meets your set criteria. If you choose freelancers to develop your app, you need to have a clear outline for your app. This will decrease the chances of miscommunication between you and the individual you choose.

While thinking of ideas for your app, keep in mind the following questions.

What do you want to achieve through your app?

Do you want an iOS app or an android app or you want an app that can be deployed on both Appstore and Google play store?

How will your app solve problems for its users?

The design you want for your app?

Features you want in your app

Estimate your budget:

You must estimate the budget you are willing to allocate for the outsourcing of your mobile application development. This will allow you to determine which option is the best for you, depending on your budget. Prices may vary as different development companies, and freelancers charge different prices based on their expertise. Still, it’s not impossible to find the company or individual which will match your set budget criteria.

Research app developers:

To ensure you hire the best app development company or a freelancer, you need to conduct extensive research to determine which company or individual will meet your requirements. To make sure to hire perfect app developers for your app, you should set up interviews with the app development companies and individuals. Apart from this, while selecting an app development company for your app, you must go through the company’s portfolio and their client reviews. In often, there are three types of app development providers, which includes:

Onshore app developers:

Onshore app developers operate in the same country in which you are operating in. Due to operation in the same city or country, the communication process is easier as you can easily reach these developers and discuss your app ideas accordingly.

Offshore app developers:

Offshore app developers operate in overseas countries; working with them can be challenging due to the communication gap as they operate miles away. The challenges increase when you work with an offshore app developer because of the time difference.

Nearshore Development companies:

Nearshore app development companies operate in your bordering countries. Working with nearshore development companies is not much challenging if compared to offshore companies. Businesses often choose these companies because they provide relatively low prices for app development.

Test Development:

Once you have shortlisted development companies for outsourcing your application development, you must ask those companies for the previous projects they have worked on. This would help you determine if the company can meet your app requirements and will allow you to test their experience in the app development industry.

Service Model:

Like options available for outsourcing app development, you can adopt options from the service models that meet your requirements. There are three types of service models in app development which are:


In the project-based service model, the work timeline is set. It involves a limited team with a fixed budget for the app development project. Project-based models are often cost-effective if compared to the in-house app development process.

Dedicated teams:

A dedicated team is another service model in which outsourcing companies are responsible for arranging and allocating resources for your app development projects. The outsourcing team is responsible for assigning tasks to dedicated team leaders, scheduling various tasks, ensuring the project is going at the right speed, and taking follow-ups for the app project.

Out staff working model:

Out staff working model is a remote job-based model in which dedicated staff is hired based on your needs. The hired team focuses completely on a single project at a time with operating from provided workspaces.

From all the above-mentioned service models project-based service model is the most used by companies to develop apps as it is useful for both existing and new startups because of its nature.

In conclusion:

Outsourcing mobile application development is not an easy task; it requires extensive research before an app development company is shortlisted. Although outsourcing is not an easy task, if the outline of your ideas is clear, you will be able to select the perfect app development company for your project. Hence, your right choice will allow you to have a scalable app that will generate revenue for your business and help you expand it in the future.

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02, Feb 2021

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