Step by Step Guide to Mobile App Development in 2021

Let us get some facts straight to understand why a mobile app is an absolute necessity for businesses and entrepreneurs. According to Statista, mobile apps generated a revenue of about USD 582 billion in 2020. Besides revenue, internet users have shifted from the desktop platform to the mobile platform for internet access. There were approximately 5.11 billion mobile users in 2019 alone. Having a mobile app is an advantage that businesses cannot afford to let go.

How to Build a Mobile App Strategy

Building a mobile development strategy is not much different from making a strategy for anything else. First, you need to answer some basic questions to stay on track. Define the purpose of building a mobile app for your business. Do you want to attract more customers, increase sales, or give greater value to your customers? Keep in mind that these are different questions and would have additional requirements. The more specific your answers are, the easier it will be to get what you want.

Other questions you should answer include, what is my business model? How much can I invest? And who are my target customers? By answering such questions, you will get a mind map of the things you want from the app development plan.

Idea Behind App Development Plan

Brainstorm ideas to get a list of all the features that you might need in the app. Categorize ideas according to their importance; for example, one category can be ‘the essential features’. Then, you can move on to other features that you want to give your customers. Keep in mind the reasons to build a mobile app to stop yourself from straying in another direction.

Market Research

Market research is essential to understand how to build a mobile app. Search for apps guide to see what other experts have to say about the subject. The study will help in finding your position in the market against other competitors. Find ways in which your app is different from others, how it will satisfy customers’ needs and wants, and solve market problems. Remember, without thorough research, your app will turn into a disappointment.

Market research is more about understanding your target market than anything else. Specify your target market, core problems they are facing, and their interests. Understanding the customers will give you an idea about what they are looking for in an app, and you will most likely develop an app customized to serve their needs.

Read about app development

Look for topics like an apps guide to read and understand the app developing process from beginning to end. It will help in sketching a structure of the project in your mind. Here you will find about different platforms and app frameworks used to develop apps.

Depending on your target market, two of the most important platforms are Android and iOS. Both these platforms have their software development kits (SDKs) used to develop apps. There are different approaches to build apps. Depending on your needs and investment, you can choose one of these approaches to build an app.

Native Apps – These apps are built using SDKs offered by Google and Apple. For native apps, you need to write different codes for Android and iOS platforms.

Cross-platform Apps – These apps are written on different programming languages and are compiled separately for each platform.

Hybrid Apps – These apps use web containers to work, and are built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

See what competitors are up to

No matter which industry you are in, you will have competitors. Check what they have done to market their company and products. Remember the things they did wrong and avoid making the same mistakes. Study your competition to find the market problems they failed to identify and solve. Focus on the difference between their strategies and your own.

UI/UX Design

Now that you have completed your research, you will have a definitive idea about what you really want from the app. That is, you will understand how the app will solve market problems. Since you know your target market, focus your thoughts on how you want end users to feel when using the app. Think from the design perspective to come up with a design that will attract customers and make the interface easy-to-use.

From downloading and starting an app, to finding products and the checkout process comes under user experience. Make sure that the user experience is flawless and takes the least possible time. A user will hardly wait for a few seconds for an app to load before moving on to another app that works faster. You need to think from every perspective, not just from a design perspective.

Wireframing the App

A wireframe is a sketch of the mobile app that shows the columns, buttons, navigation, and placing of all the elements in an app. It does not include any colors, images, or texts. It just gives a simple layout of how everything will fit in the app.

The removal of images, texts, and colors from the rest of the elements lets the developing team focus on the most important thing that is the user experience. It is important because the experience is one of the main factors for converting leads into loyal customers. They outline the functionality and the features to be used in the app, define the hierarchy of information, and give clarity to the navigation and layout.

The Backend of Mobile App

The backend of a mobile app is important for various reasons. This is where the app data is stored. It is responsible for the security of the app and business logic. It is like a server for apps, which sorts and stores information that the users do not see.

You can incorporate a backend for the app in many different ways. Some app developers provide it as part of the project, while others suggest a backend expert. Here are a few viable options for the backend server.

Cloud Server – they are affordable, offer storage options, and remain secure in a third-party location. Large companies have already placed their reliable cloud servers.

Custom Server – This is your own server made specifically for the mobile app. It has the option to have a static IP address for your convenience.

MBaaS – It is Mobile Backend as a Service and an option for those who like to have their own backend servers.

Develop the App

Develop the app in a testing environment so that you can see its performance throughout the development process. Developers will develop both the frontend and the backend. The frontend is used by users, while the backend is used for content management.

Test Again

After developing the app, do not immediately deploy it in the app store. Test the app thoroughly to identify any bugs and address them to make the app flawless. Quality assurance is one of the most important parts of the development phases because it shows how the user experience will be when the end-users download the app and start using it. When all the app is free from all the bugs and problems, it is ready to be released in the market.


These are a few things you need to keep in mind when developing an app for your business. Other options include hiring an app developing company. No matter which option you choose, be sure to follow all the steps to make the app flawless and deploy it across platforms seamlessly.

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