What is a Minimum Viable Product? A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, Businesses now aim to develop online platforms for their day-to-day operations. According to Forbes, the number of apps today in the world has increased to 8.9 million. Almost every day, plenty of apps are deployed on app platforms, i.e., google play store and Appstore. With millions of apps on the respective platforms, only a few manages to become successful in the ever-changing world of technology. Many startups are looking to develop their online platform; many of these startups fail because of a lack of planning.

To avoid failure in the world of commerce, MVP is the best solution. MVP refers to a minimum viable product tested in the initial stages of development in the market. MVP allows you to analyze potential target users’ needs and learn how the target audience will react to them. In simple words, MVP is a process in which a product is built with core functionalities to test how the target audience will respond.

To further understand the Minimum viable product, it is important to understand the primary purpose of the development strategy. The purpose of a minimum viable product is to launch a product altering the time and cost based on your ideas. This strategy allows you to generate user feedback for your product which is developed in the initial stages. In today’s highly competitive world, it is important to use MVP to reduce failures in the future. In this blog, we’ll inform you how to build a minimum viable product and its benefits for your business.

How to build a Minimum Viable Product

To build a minimum viable product for your app or your online platform, you must follow the below-mentioned steps, which will help comprehensively to reach a large customer base.

Outline the problems your product will solve:

The most important thing to consider to build a minimum viable product for your app is to outline the problems your app will be solving. You must keep in mind that your application must contain problem-solving features. Only in that case can it become successful.

Ask yourself the following questions:

– The problem will your app solve?

– The most crucial purpose of your app?

– Who will be the end-users of your app?

– Is the problem your app solves is significant to your target audience?

– What are the benefits of your app to your target audience?

– What are the core features of your app?

The above-mentioned questions will allow you to outline the unique features that will solve problems for your target app users and allow you to have a clear outline for your MVP application.

Market research:

Market research is another important thing to be conducted to build an MVP application. To have a detailed account of your target audience, you must complete extensive market research. Market research will allow you to understand what are the needs and wants of the target audience and will provide you a lot of data regarding your competitors and their unique selling points. To conduct market research, those platforms that offer services of paid surveys can be hired.

User flow:

Application user flow is an important factor to consider to build an MVP application. It allows you to ensure you don’t miss out on anything keeping in mind the final product and its users. You must define the application user flow from the very beginning to the final stages to reach the main objectives of the app. To define the user flow, you can develop a user flow diagram that will help you to:

– Present a complete picture of audience activities, i.e., features that attract users to your app, what they do while operating it,

– Compare what customers need and what you offer.

– Guide users and encourage them to use your app.

List down all Mvp Features:

In building a minimum viable product, you need to highlight all the features of your app. You can write all the features and further can divide them by using different techniques, i.e., the Moscow technique: which allows you to highlight features that you must have, should have, could have, and wish to have.


When you’re done highlighting all the features of your MVP application, another thing to consider is the importance of design. To design an application, you must think from a user perspective that is the design of the app attractive, or it is not worth it. The application should be minimal yet stellar in design so that it can reach a large number of users. You must make sure the screens should not be complex in design, with complex UI elements and animation, which makes it time-consuming. To save time, you can use the cross-platform development technique, which will not only save time but will also save your money.

Get feedback:

Gathering feedbacks is the last and the most important task to carry out in the MVP development process. Once your MVP application is developed, you must ask users for their thoughts by distributing surveys through email or in-app forms. Feedbacks will assist you in analyzing what you should do further with the app in the development process. Feedbacks will highlight whether your app performed well or it lacks somewhere.

Benefits of Minimum Viable Product Development for your Business:


Focuses on core functionalities: MVP product management assists you in focusing on your idea and get a clear picture of your product. MVP allows you to test your app concept saving cost and time.

Testing: It allows you to analyze whether your idea will perform well or not in the very beginning without investing a lot.

Enhances relationship with customers: MVP software development allows you to interact and gain new users in the initial app development stages. Asking for feedback can develop a sense of importance in customers as they feel valued. It can result in customers telling others about your app; remember, word of mouth is one of the best marketing techniques.

A better understanding of customer needs: The process of MVP application building requires extensive research about the target audience. This factor can allow you to identify the requirements of customers.

Quick deployment process: The idea of developing core functionalities speeds up the process of app deployment for your business. Once your initial app version is deployed, you can test it quickly and get user feedback on the provided features.

Measure the success after building MVP Applications:

Once you have launched your MVP application, you need to keep taking follow-ups about its impacts on your business and your target users and how it will meet your business requirements in the future. There are various performance indicators that can be used to measure the success of your MVP application.

Activation rate:

It allows you to record the impression your minimum viable product leaves on the target audience after the first use. If the user’s activities on the app include registration, going through content, and filling in the contact form, there are high chances of repeated visits by users.

Retention rate:

It is the percentage of repeated visits on your MVP application. In simple words, it allows you to know the percentage of users the app retains. Retention rate also demonstrates that your app contains unique features that make it different from your competitors.

In conclusion:

In today’s highly competitive world, building an MVP application is a need of the time as it focuses on core functionality and offers viable solutions. The guide mentioned above is the way to go if you want to build an MVP application soon.

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