iOS vs. Android: Which Should You Build Your Mobile App on First

Mobile development is becoming one of the readily growing fields in the software production industry. Since the surge in mobile applications, there is an increase in the demand for fast and easy-to-use applications.


Mobile application development processes have received an enormous interest of influx throughout the pandemic period. The complete reliance of businesses was online. Health, education, markets, and various other industries demanded reliable IOS and Android apps. Hence, they became adaptable according to the situation.


Altogether, there are two primary native app development processes, iPhone apps versus Android apps. These are the absolute leaders all over the world. These technologies provide phenomenal development options, and it is essential to know in-depth about the IOS versus Android comparison before making a final decision.

Which iPhone Apps Versus Android Apps To Choose First? 

Businesses these days are going through increasingly complex challenges that are impossible to overcome without high-tech applications and tools. With the increase in demand for speedy and high-performance Android or iOS apps, developers need to stand out to stay on top of the competition.

When it comes to choosing Android versus IOS development processes, you need to consider the following factors.

– User location

– The budget and development requirements of time

– How unique the app interface looks

– Your target audience

There are various Android versus IOS differences. These points cover essential points while picking the platform for your application. Although, both platforms are highly dependable and dominate the market with a positive future outlook and attract large audiences in all fields.

With two platforms walking hand-in-hand, distinguishing which IOS versus Android apps is suitable for you can be time-consuming and strenuous. So, developers need to have extensive experience in delivering custom and unique mobile solutions that correspond to the specifications of client’s businesses.

Perks And Drawbacks Of Android Apps Versus Ios Apps

Android development application


Flexibility: In comparison to IOS, Android presents a less restricted environment. The Android applications run virtually on all Android devices, and you never encounter any problems with the hardware compatibility. This application enables a smoother development experience by relying on Java. Java is an understandable programming language that supports Windows, Linux, etc.

Learning Resources: Google helps in offering extensive knowledge about Android development processes to the developers. That is exceedingly beneficial for beginners and trainees.

Publishing the application: It is convenient to post Android applications on Google play. The review process gets done within a few hours.

Goes beyond smartphones:  The development of android applications is building software for an overall ecosystem of devices. You can extend the functionality of your application.


Quality Assurance: 
The fragmentation is exceedingly beneficial because it allows you to develop various Android platforms simultaneously. However, the testing of applications is complicated. Even in small-scale applications, developers deliver fixes because many users tend to stick to the older versions instead of updating the applications when updates are available.

Cost: Developing applications for Android is time-consuming. Hence, the cost involved increases both in development and subsequent quality assurance.

Users spend less inside the app: Users can leverage free applications and do not spend much on app purchases.

Possible security issues: Android is an open-source platform. Hence, there are increased chances of cyberattacks.

IOS application development


Performance: IOS mobile applications are high in demand because these applications always tend to perform exceedingly well. That is a proven fact that IOS is one of the fast, reliable, and convenient platforms.

Creating an Apple ecosystem: The operating systems allow the developers of IOS devices to build an entire ecosystem of devices.

Sleek and flawless UI/UX:  Apple provides complete guidelines to users for creating a user interface for their applications. That might be limiting to some, but this approach ensures an exceptional user experience.


Rigid development environment requirements: 
Native development processes of IOS only run on Mac. Therefore, to develop IOS applications, the developers need one other piece of Apple technology.

App release

The apple store always tends to be more demanding in comparison to google play. So, even if your application doesn’t break any rules, it can still be rejected if not necessary or relevant.

Customization: There is no customization of the application interface. Alongside, the addition of elements and features requires interaction with third-party software.

The Development Comparison Of Android and IOS

Future Prospects

Android devices are now holding an enormous amount of market share. That promises the future of app development processes to a great, great extent. Due to premium performance and consistent innovation, IOS devices are getting more and more popular. It is not even slightly productive to base your development choices on the future outlook because the popularity of both platforms will not reduce within the next few years.


Below a shadow of any doubt, Android is the leader of development processes because it has the highest level of market share. However, users who tend to prefer IOS applications have a higher lifetime value. It means customers can spend more money on additional content. There is no clear winner when it comes to Android versus IOS development processes.

IOS grants a high level of opportunities to those creating retail applications with extensive additional content.

Target Audience

There is an immense need to consider the pre-planned features of the application for identifying the target audience. However, there are some visible distinctions between IOS and Android apps, so you can benefit from them while making a decision.

According to various researches, Android is more successful among people belonging to medical and technical fields. However, iPhone users are usually business experts, sales experts, and managers. Also, people who prefer higher degrees are trendy, stay updated with the latest phones and have a higher household income.

Desired features

The most visible difference between IOS and Android app is Android is more open in comparison to IOS. Android applications have open-source software. It means they can easily have access to the hardware, features, and file systems. However, Android is friendly when it comes to the customization of elements according to the specifications and requirements of different clients.

Post-launch maintenance

Android users often stick with the older versions of IOS. Many android devices are currently operating on outdated versions of Android, resulting in unexpected crashes and reduced functionality. This problem is well-pronounced in IPHONE users, meaning the maintenance of Android applications is expensive than IOS.

When it comes to the comparison of Android or IOS devices, Android is a more accessible platform. Google Play accepts a majority of different types of applications. So, if you uphold the company’s guidelines, the google store is highly likely to display your application.

The android apps versus ios apps are selective while allowing the applications on the store. The review process of IOS is faster, but the possibility of getting rejected by Apple is higher.

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