Step by Step Guide to Improve Mobile App Performance

Today, with more than 3 billion smartphone users, the mobile app development sector is one of the world’s leading industries. According to Statista, it is expected that smartphone users will grow by several hundred million soon. In present times mobile applications have made human lives much more comfortable than before. With access to mobile apps, everything is accessible through a tap on mobile screens.

Today there are millions of apps available on both Appstore and Google play store, but only a few manage to make a difference and stand out among the users. Mobile apps fail due to various reasons, from the lack of improvement in the mobile apps is the major one. To ensure the success of a mobile app, it is essential to focus on mobile app performance.

It is important to keep a check on mobile app performance, and your mobile app’s compatibility with features, how smooth it works with some parts, and how fast your app reloads when it crashes. According to research, almost 50% of users face mobile apps problems; that’s why it is mandatory to improve your mobile app performance to retain the users. To improve your app performance in this blog, we’ll tell you the best possible ways which you should definitely implement to make your app scalable.

How to speed up an application:

To know how to speed up an application, you must minimize the application size to some extent. Android mobile phones are more often developed with low-end configuration, which results in mobile phones not supporting 2g and 3g. A large application would be a disaster for the mobile phone. To speed up an application, you must ensure to reduce the application size. The less space an app takes on such mobile phones, the better speed it provides to the users.

To speed up an application and if your budget allows choosing a native app to develop, it performs much better than hybrid or web apps. Native designs are designed especially for various operating systems making it faster and intuitive for users with being available with fully loaded features.

Prioritize the content:

To avoid glitches in mobile apps, you must prioritize the content you want to display on your app. Mobile apps with a lot of content may take time to load to avoid the long loading time prioritize the content according to the loading time. For example, you can display the text first without letting the users wait for the pictures.

Effective API design:

The API design has a massive impact on mobile app performance. A poorly designed API can be disastrous for a mobile application. The equipped workaround on the APIs puts a lot of pressure on the mobile application’s performance. When designing an API for your mobile application, you must ensure the developer is consistent and determined to leave no space for surprises in the future.

Resize the image:

To ensure your mobile app’s fast functionality, you must take steps to resize the images because the larger the image size, the slower your app will work. To resize the images, you can compress an image’s bytes, ensuring that the resolution remains the same. Resizing images allows you to accommodate ideas by saving the extra bandwidth required to show whole original pictures. Other than resizing the images in mobile app optimization, you can use vector images, use image caching and apply color filters instead of using colored images.

Optimize screen size:

In mobile app optimization, to ensure your app’s high performance, you must optimize your screen size. You must ensure the app you develop is compatible with the devices as android devices offer different resolutions and screen sizes. To ensure your mobile app’s high performance, you must build apps for both small and medium screens and optimize for MDPI and HDPI.

Reduce features:

Rich-in feature apps may look amazing, but they might become a burden on the functionality. To ensure the fast speed of an app to load its necessary to cut down the features which slow down the app. You must keep in mind that users feel irritated when the apps are slow users prefer fast apps, so you must ensure user feasibility while developing an app.

Build an offline mode:

There are high chances of user network connectivity dropping while using your app. To ensure the retention of the user, you must alert them that their internet network is having connectivity issues and must give them the option to save the data so they can restore their activity on the app whenever the network connectivity resumes.

Load data as you need it:

If your app is equipped with a larger amount of data, it is important to load it as you need it. Working with a larger amount of data slows down the app. Instead of using a larger amount of data, you should split up assemblies to break down the data. Using split-up assemblies, you can pre-load pre fetch data when the data is needed without letting the audience wait.

Regular mobile app performance testing:

With the application of the steps mentioned above to optimize your mobile app performance, you must keep testing its performance. To ensure the scalable implementation of an app, you must focus on the following measures:

Device compatibility:

You must ensure the apps you develop is compatible with different operating systems such as Android and Apple. Screen size, resolution, functionality should be kept in mind while developing an app.

Memory consumption:

While testing your mobile app compatible with various devices, you must ensure that your app consumes less space, as when an app consumes a larger area in a mobile phone, the phone functions slow.

Battery consumption:

Like memory consumption apps often consume a lot of mobile phone battery, you must ensure your app is battery friendly and drains less amount of battery consumptions.

App in Backgrounds:

You must ensure that users feel secure while moving your app to the background when their attention is diverted. Apps in the background often lose the data, and users have to restart the activity when they open your app again. To avoid data loss, you must ensure the user activities stay saved when they leave the app in the background and whenever they resume it.

Integration with services:

While testing the app, you must ensure that your app integrates with services like location, WIFI, mobile data, and social media.

Network speed:

There might be constant ups and downs in the network speed. You must ensure your mobile app works smoothly with all kinds of network connectivity speed.


The apps you develop must be easier to navigate, making them easier to use; complex UI designs often result in losing users that is why it is important to develop user-friendly designs that retain your users.

Final words:

Mobile app performance is the most important aspect in the process before and after the mobile app development, which should be given immense importance. Mobile app performance has a huge impact on the retention rate, ratings, reviews, and several downloads of your app, which directly links with your revenue; that’s why it is important to focus a lot on the app performance. You should keep in mind that constant improvements will be needed in your app to make it stand out. If the improvements of app performance are neglected, there are high chances of users opting for your apps’ substitutes.

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