Important things to know before Developing Mobile Applications

Ever since the invention of smartphones, the number of mobile apps is growing progressively. Today, according to Statista, there are 2.87 million apps available on Google Play Store alone. With such a high number of apps available out there, it is fundamental to take steps to make your mobile app distinct from others. Before you jump on the bandwagon of developing an app for your business, it is necessary to understand that creating mobile apps is a lengthy task that requires strategy and a solid plan of its purpose.

How to create a successful app:

It is essential to understand what impact it will have once the app is developed and released on the app stores. You should consider few things before you get started with the process of creating an app, which will help you achieve a positive response from the users once it gets deployed on respective platforms.

You need to have full command of your knowledge of how to create a successful app. Here are few things that should be given immense importance before you move on to app development, which will determine the future of your app.

Analyze your idea:

The first and most important thing before you move on to app development’s complex task is to have full command of your app idea. Before making a mobile application, you should question yourself do you need an app? This is the most crucial thing before the process of app development. If you are unclear about your ideas, there are high chances of your app failing on all platforms on which it has been deployed. You must know the purpose of your app how it will benefit you and its users.

Understand your target audience:

Once you are clear on your app development ideas, the second most important thing you must know is your target audience. No matter how great your app is, it will never succeed if it does not fulfill the audience’s expectations as the user factor determines an app’s success. To ensure your app’s success, you need to research to find out the audience’s needs. After knowing the audience’s needs and wants, you should align the app’s purpose accordingly with the audience’s needs to make it successful.

Choose the right platform for your app:

Another vital factor in ensuring the app’s success is to know about the most popular operating systems, Android and iOS. You must choose between these two most popular operating systems before the app development process. These operating systems’ requirements are different as iOS apps are developed by Swift programming and Objective C. In contrast, android apps are developed mostly by Java and Kotlin. Knowing the operating systems will have an impact on your development process and the flexibility of the app.

Conduct market research:

It is necessary to research the market before developing your app. Market research helps you understand your audience in a qualitative manner. The extensive research will point out your rivals’ shortcomings and help you come up with a better plan. With thorough research, you will be the ability to identify the ongoing trends among the users. In that way, you will be able to incorporate such features in your app to attract a larger number of audiences.

Thorough research points out your biggest competitors and their unique selling points. Researching before hands provide insight into the user’s mind and demands, allowing you to make your app stand out. With thousands of apps being released every year, the market’s detailed research will help you develop a strange idea for your mobile app.

Choosing the right developing company:

One of the most crucial aspects of getting a mobile app developed is choosing the right growing company. The developer you pick will have an undeniable impact on the finished product. Before you hire a developer, it is important to make sure that they offer the right assistance required to develop an app for you. Start from studying their previous projects and reading the testimonials from the clients they have worked for.

The technology used by the developer you hire can affect the usability of your mobile app. The user experience and preferences are of foremost importance when it comes to mobile apps. Your developed app should be easy to use and should not require any further assistance.

While choosing your developer from the vast number of options available, make sure to pick a developer from a relatively similar time zone. In this way, the communication between you and the developer will become convenient, and you will be able to access them whenever you wanted to make a change in the app. By conducting interviews and thorough research, you will find a well-qualified mobile app development company for your app project.

Outline ways to earn from your app:

Before moving on to the app development process, you must determine ways to earn from the app. Paid advertisement strategy can be used to generate the revenue flow from your app. Many businesses place ads on your apps and deliver them to you. It’s the most used pricing strategy used by app developers around the world. You must make sure the advertisements are relevant or have an adverse effect by irritating people.

Another most important thing you must decide before the app development process is either offering the app for free or having to access the app after a specific payment amount. You must make sure that your app stands out, which will lead to users paying for it.

Determine your budget for developing an app:

Budget is another most important thing you must set before moving on with the app development process. The cost of mobile app development is based on per hour rates, which vary from company to company and the region it is operating in.

The hourly rates of app development in various regions are:

  • UAE based app development companies charge 30 – $120.
  • US and Canadian-based app development companies charge $50 – $250 per hour.
  • App development companies based in Australia charge $50 – $150 per hour.
  • App development companies based in the UK and Western Europe charges $35 – $170 per hour
  • Indian based app development companies charge $10 – $180 per hour.


Marketing Plan for your app:

It is important to develop a marketing plan beforehand for your app. The marketing plan will allow you to let users know about your app and help you be on top of the respective app platforms, i.e., Google Play Store and Appstore. You can use the most commonly used marketing techniques like SEO and social media marketing to gain a loyal user base. Still, it will be fantastic to learn the art of mobile marketing, which will significantly impact your business through the apps you develop.

In conclusion:

Once you have developed a strategic plan for your app, you will be prepared to move towards the next stage of app development. There is no quick way to success. Hence the prolonged process of planning is a necessity. Researching the market, fixing a budget, prioritizing the key features you want to equip your app with, and all these points will help you choose the right developer who will develop an app for you, which will mark the mark on the digital market once released in digital markets its presence. The things mentioned above are the plan of actions that will make the upcoming parts of the process effortless and help you achieve favorable responses from the end-users.

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09, Feb 2021

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