How to Create an Amazing App Icon

With the growing number of mobile applications, there is an immense need for businesses to create app icons that are unique and captivating enough for users to download the application.

If you are looking for ways to take your mobile application to the next level, you must pay utmost concentration and attention to all the features of applications. Among those applications, a well-designed icon is the primary element of the entire mobile design.

The creation of successful app icons plays a pivotal role in promoting the applications for better search results. It is a widely-known fact that the first impression is the last. And, when it comes to mobile icons, we could not agree more. Due to various mobile applications available in the market, there is no second chance of making an impression in front of a potential client.

Below a shadow of any doubt, app icon design is the foremost thing that customers notice about the application. The icon should be enthralling enough to tell the story, and more importantly, it should evoke certain emotions that would make the buyers curious to know more about your app.

Create an app icon that represents the purpose of the brand and what it stands for. Icon designing is the most critical phase that should be created with in-depth brainstorming and keeping the targeted audience in mind. However, an app icon design must be simple enough to convey the message promptly and perfectly. If a user becomes unable to comprehend the icon, he/she might think of considering any other application in the market. Hence designing mobile apps in a well-mannered way is indispensable because it stands you out from the competitors.

Along with representing your brand in front of a targeted audience, the app icon also plays a crucial role in the app store optimization of your mobile application.

A well-designed mobile icon appeals and provokes the customers to install your application. A well-received application is well-known in the app store markets.

How to make an app icon in the best possible way?

Designing mobile apps is a subjective topic. Your innovative ideas help in taking you a long way ahead. Customers give utmost attention to the creativity, originality, and appearance of icons.

Given below are the tips and tricks to follow for creating a compelling Mobile Icon.

Minimalistic design

While making a mobile application, the utmost consideration is the minimalistic design approach. It makes the icon trendy and increases the likelihood of increased brand recognition. Designing mobile apps with too many elements makes it intricate and perplexing. However, the primary objective of an app icon is to convey the message immediately. Precisely, an icon should deliver the message effectively and efficiently.


As mentioned earlier, the minimalistic design approach is easily recognizable and easy to comprehend. It becomes easy for the audience to understand the message of an app icon.

An icon with many colors, fonts, and design elements create chaos in the mind of consumers. Undoubtedly, simplicity is the major contributor to the success of most applications.


Create an app icon by considering all the dimensions in mind. Hence there is an immense need for the developers to create an app icon based on the brand logo that appealingly represents the brand. All the designers should consider the size specifications that are available in the app icon design files.

Originality and authenticity

Always ensure that your application design is original and not being used by anyone else. An icon similar to someone else’s design brings a negative impact on your brand. That increases the recall value of your competitor’s brand. Having an original, enthralling, and authentic design will grab the attention of your targeted audience towards your brand. This way application icon will be unique in the market and will enhance the engagement fourfold.

Test the icon on various wallpapers

The mobile application directly goes from the AppStore to the mobile devices of numerous clients. That is why you should test the mobile application design. The app icon should look unique in different wallpapers and color backgrounds.

Select colors wisely

That is one of the most crucial factors to consider while designing an app icon. A versatile app icon results in the success of your brand. Different types of colors invoke emotions. So, colors impact the overall perception of users either positively or negatively.

The Purpose Of Designing Mobile Apps

The considerations while designing an application are mentioned above. However, app designers need to know the difference between app and logo.


Everyone knows icon size has no flexibility. Hence, utmost importance is given to the legibility of app icons because icons appear on home pages and sub-menus with a reduced size.


That is the point where applications and logos overlap. Simplicity is the key to create an app for accomplishing recognizability. There is no need for unnecessary and repetitive elements on the icon. Every pixel should be understanding and interesting enough to grab the attention of customers towards your brand. The application icon should have innovative concepts and designs for implementation. Among millions of applications on the Appstore, brands should draw something that drives the attention of people.

To ensure your icon stands you apart from the competitors, spend some time checking out the applications in your niche. For example, if there are many colorful icons on the Appstore, you can go ahead with the monochrome palette for a change. It’s strenuous to think of anything new every time, but you need to make mood boards, ask customers about their preferences and likability, create mind maps, and more.


An icon is an essential part of the entire application. So, it has to stay persistent among the users. That is what good brands do for their applications, especially for games and social media, because widely-used applications get a million downloads.


Now that we have discussed all the best practices for designing an application, here’s a final checklist for your reference.

The following points summarize the guidelines to consider while designing an application.

– Right colors according to the right audience.

– The research and analysis of competitors

– The originality of icon design

– Utmost importance to size and format specifications.

– The design must represent your brand effectively

– Test your icon, take feedback from the customers, and optimize further.

The planning and implementation of how to make an app icon must be a daunting task. Therefore, by breaking the task into little chunks, you can easily design the application icon for different devices.

By considering multiple factors like layout and functionality, you can easily design your mobile application using a mobile app builder.

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28, May 2021

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