Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu Shopping in UAE

A few months back when the entire world was going through a strenuous time, we needed something to keep us going. Stuck at home, with movie theatres closed and no restaurants to dine in, people throughout the globe spent most of their time online. With nearly all public gatherings called off, the entire world went online.

Yes! I am talking about the Covid-19 lockdown period. Many people faced a great downfall of their businesses, and many companies fired the employees. Unemployment rates increased across major economies. This is how the reliance on online shopping escalated.

Through online shopping applications, customers had a significant variety of products from the convenience of their homes. It enables firms to continue business operations despite contract restrictions and confinement measures.

Below a shadow of any doubt, the internet has revolutionized our ways of shopping. Because of a multitude of advantages and benefits, more and more people prefer online shopping over conventional methods of visiting stores. Like lulu online shopping mall symbolizes quality and feasibility, other shopping platforms can also do the same.

Lulu Online Shopping UAE – A One-Stop-Shop For Customers

The online shopping application of any business represents the brand. For the development of a successful application, there is an immense need for app developers to focus on user-friendliness, smooth payment integration, quick navigation, and name a few. Lulu online shopping is one of the best shopping platforms throughout the globe.

For instance, the lulu online UAE shopping platform is an excellent choice for selling bakery items, diapers, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, fruits and vegetables, crockery, and a lot more. It’s a non-source platform that is well-equipped with broad themes and directories. Lulu online Dubai mall allows businesses in UAE to scale up their businesses while offering dedicated customer support. This multi-vendor support system enables businesses to run various stores concurrently.

Given below are the factors that determine the Cost of Robust and useful Applications.

Choosing the right technology platform

The most crucial decision that significantly impacts the overall functionality of a business is the technology platform that is chosen for the development of an online shopping application. Although there is a multitude of factors to choose from that does not make the decisions easier. Some platforms are reasonably priced while others might have features that might add great value to your business goals.

– App developers need to identify whether or not the chosen platform supports the types of products that your company is selling. For example, digital versus physical products.

– The programming language of the technological platform is essential. It influences the overall web host plan.

– Always consider the platform’s price and free version’s availability. There are millions of platforms in the market. Sometimes paid platforms are better than free versions or vice versa. But usually, both the categories offer fully-featured solutions.

– Ensure the payment gateways of your chosen platform are streamlined by the approach.

Create product descriptions supported by images

Application developers must ensure that the information on the online shopping application is user-centric, precise, and contains accurate information. The text of the application should be easy-to-read and appealing to grab the attention of customers. The app development team should not use long texts or strenuous academic terms in product descriptions in all the parts of a website. However, if an appropriate image is added with well-written text, that will end up making a visually appealing application. A quick tip for application developers is to show bigger pictures, zoom the options, and add different angled views.

Simplified checkout processes

The brand owners that also have online shopping applications should always ask users to sign up, make an account, and then commence purchasing. Integration of your application with other social media login platforms is a smarter alternative that helps users purchase within a span of a few minutes. There is no need to spend a lot of time getting yourself registered. Like the lulu online UAE shopping platform, app developers need to be innovative yet effective.

Deign a well-equipped shopping cart

The shopping cart of an application plays a significant role in online shopping applications. The shopping cart should always be simple yet logical. It should effectively display the branding of your company through various colors and logo designs. Also, it included checkout buttons.

Multiple payments and enhanced shipping options

Multipayment is vaguely expensive on the development side of things. But businesses cannot attain success if they don’t go the extra mile. Lulu online Dubai mall offers a lot of products and multi-payment methods. Hence, the purchase becomes feasible for customers. Also, it is indispensable to make as many payment options available for your customers. Also, the payment method should smoothly integrate with the user interface of a website. It promises an exceedingly competitive performance level that is highly concerned with the processing times and transaction rates. It needs to have a reliable customer service channel.

Enablement of site-specific search functionality

Users these days do not have enough time to spend online. So, wading through various scores of data might seem to be a daunting task for them. According to several pieces of evidence, the search functionality is converting prospects into buyers. A lot of visitors use the e-commerce platform for searching the function on a site. Autocomplete functionality is also exceedingly popular. It is one of the great ways to narrow search queries.

Optimizing the website

Optimization refers to various issues, namely the performance of an e-commerce platform. It is crucial to understand that the abandonment rate for an application is more than three seconds for a website to load. There are various ways for optimizing e-commerce platforms, notably through the compression of images. That speeds up the overall interaction between CSS and Javascript. That is crucial for enhancing the sales and performance of your application. With search engine optimization-driven content, the e-commerce application gains high visibility on search platforms like Google.

Usage of responsive designs

We live in a digitally-driven world where purchases are usually made on the go. That drives sales more than purchase decisions. As a result, the primary goal of a successful online shopping application is to consider mobile users as a chunk of the entire customer base.

Shopping on the go with a wide range of options to choose from is a great enticement that online shopping applications can provide to their customers to boost the overall patronage.

Following are the costs associated with the development of online shopping applications.

The cost to develop an online shopping application is pretty high. But in the modern world, it can be even more expensive for an online retailer not to create an application. There is a high level of competition in the e-commerce market, and a mobile application can be advantageous for your business. A native online shopping application is the most common type of application for e-commerce developments.

Design cost

Users mostly click the online shopping applications with appealing designs and easy-to-use features. This aspect of the development process has to be adequately funded for maximizing the rate of usage.

Since app designing has a multitude of elements, it is indispensable to develop them with attention to fine detail. Also, the design cost depends on the flexibility and versatility of the design. The greater the number of the operating system, the more compatible the design is. However, the average cost of an online shopping application lies somewhere $2000 to $35000.

Development cost

Coding takes effect here. The development cost is primarily determined by the overall number of programmers who undertake the coding. Another determinant is the overall range of functionalities. By relying on the amalgamation of these parameters, the development cost varies somewhere between $1000 to $100,000 . Once the implementation of the development phase is done, it is crucial to carry out quality analysis for testing bugs and defects in the development. The development cost of an online shopping application is determined by the type of application and the range of functionalities. According to diverse research and analysis, the cost lies somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000 .

On average, the overall cost of an entire online shopping application ranges somewhere between $30,000 to $170,000. However, the complexity of the development processes, the versatility of a design, type of application are the primary determinants of an application development cost.

Must-have Features of a Shopping Application

Here are the primary features that app developers need for developing an online shopping application. These features make a standardized yet solid online shopping application.


If you want to develop an attractive mobile shopping application then onboarding is the quickest and easiest way to do that. Don’t let users spend a lot of time in filling their personal information. On-boarding includes registration and tutorials.

Personal profiles

The first thing your application requires from a customer is registered. Registration isn’t usually necessary for using an application. It gets harder to reach the potential customers until and unless they have registered to the application.

Multiple accounts

If you own a marketplace for applications, you don’t only have to think about the customer but also your brand. Customer accounts should include the registrations, what they want etc. On the other hand, sellers’ accounts should include the features like products, payment procedures, and communication with customers.

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