20 Best Business Android Apps of 2021

Over the past decade, smartphones have revolutionized the entire world. Since all the operating systems can run on smartphones, Android business apps are considered the most favorite. With numerous brands of tablets and smartphones, Android has reached every corner of the world.

With the advent of technology, Android phones act as a virtual assistant and take your business to the next level. Below a shadow of any doubt, the best apps for Android have turned into the dominant form of digital interaction. They are becoming increasingly popular and high-in-demand.

An Ultimate Guide to Best Android Apps

Android applications peculiarly created for businesses help in building trust and creating a better relationship with customers. Through this highly versatile application, customers can contact the clients no matter what time of the day. Since the launch of high-tech mobile applications, there is a right shift towards mobility solutions. Businesses these days are now looking for high-credible Android mobile app development processes to change ideas into revenue streams.

Android-supported devices are budget-friendly and readily available makes them desired choice for a multitude of people. These devices benefit a wide range of businesses all over the world.

Using the right tools for the development of applications is imperative. A well-built application perfectly fits into the niche market. With every passing year, Android comes up with creative ideas and trends that directly symbolize the future. Irrespective of your business type, mobile applications from a prestigious development company can help you get and retain customers.

The best android apps use powerful add-ons and other software that are free and easy to use. No matter what size of your business is, the following top business applications are worth using.

Best Business Apps – Solutions to Intricate Problems

1) QuickBooks:

Through this highly versatile mobile application, you can easily access customer information, send invoices, track expenses, save receipts, and more. If you are working for a reasonable, user-friendly solution, then Quickbooks is what you need.

2) Gusto:

Gusto is an all-in-one application that leverages human resources and manages payroll effectively. The visual interface of this application is easy to use even when you have zero experience with the payroll software.

3) Tsheets

This application is an intuitive solution. That is one of the best-tracking software solutions that are easily accessible on mobile phones. With this application, there is no need to have paper timesheets nor manual entry. With the help of Tsheets, it becomes feasible to create and disseminate employee schedules and easily integrate them with other products you use.

4) Square

With the help of the square application, even small-scale businesses are now accepting credit cards.

Once businesses download these applications, they receive a credit card reader dongle in the mail. After the arrival of the dongle, you can plug it directly into the android device. It’s the most widely-used application because of its easy-to-use and flat-rate pricing attributes.

5) Skype

That is one of the primary communication android business apps. That is ideally suitable for hosting video conferences and chatting in general. With your Android Skype application, you have to open the front-facing camera and stay connected with your team members wherever and whenever. One of the best features of this application is a connection with non-skype users and even international numbers without paying a penny.

6) Slack

That is a free chat application that is ideally suitable for team members and all types of businesses. You can easily send messages, host video calls, search archived conversations, and drop and drag images. The integration of slack with a myriad of different applications sets it apart from other android business applications.

7) Zoho One

Zoho one is one of the best applications that gives access to all business users. The cost of this application might seem high for an app bundle, but the products are packed with utmost functionality as they are used on any device conveniently. This tool can handle CRM, mail clients, web conferencing, presentation tools, payroll, and more.

8) Trello

Trello is a free application used by entrepreneurs and professionals willing to stay organized at the office and home. The project management features of this application allow you to invite users for the collaboration of projects. Users can also assign tasks to one another, attach files, comment, and post pictures and videos.

9) Evernote

That is an organizational and free business application that organizes the professional and personal life concurrently. Evernote is a high-in-demand tool that can tackle various tasks like creating clip web articles, searching old notes based on keywords, locking down private conversations, scanning documents, and accessing the information across all devices.

10) Camscanner

Camscanner is an easy-to-use application that is ideally suitable for freelancers and contractors. With the help of this device, you can scan the documents on your Android/IOS device. These documents can be easily saved on your device by simply downloading them. Undoubtedly, a cam scanner is a top-notch mobile application for all types of devices.

11) Basecamp

To control a project management system, you need to consider one of the best business apps like basecamp. Through this application, you can easily organize and plan the entire schedule and later look at this application for tasks and events. Alongside, basecamp uploads the files, collaborate and communicate with the team members, and view project progress.

12) Expense manager

To manage the budget of your company, an expense manager is what you need. Through this reliable application, you can track expenses, organize bills, and more. This application is well-equipped with a few tools like an interest calculator, tip calculator, currency converter, and more. Also, users can customize the application according to their preferences and requirements.

13) Any Do

If you are an owner of a small business, you might not need a task tracking application. Instead, you might need a simple way of seeing your daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. You can make checklists from anywhere by simply downloading the best business apps.

14) Lookout

Businesses are always at risk without proper security. That is why the protection of information on mobile devices is imperative. The free version of lookout gives security and antivirus protection so you can find your device whenever it’s lost and backup the features without any problem.

15) Spell checker

Sometimes we are unsure whether the spelling is correct or not. So, to be sure about the correct spelling, you can use the spell checker application. This application will help you avoid spelling mistakes and, you can make a good impression on clients and business connections.

16) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best application for business professionals. Through this application, you can find new employees. Connect with business people, and build a personal brand online.

17) Business cards

If you have been working as a business professional for a long time, you must have a few business cards. Business cards application reduces the need of carrying physical cards everywhere. You can easily create numerous cards with the help of this application.

18) Podcast republic

Unlike iPhone, there is no podcast application on the Android phone. So, this podcast republic application is for Android users who can download, search, sync, and manage the downloads.

19) Overdrive

With the help of this application, you can borrow e-books, audiobooks, and videos from libraries throughout the globe. You can sync the books across multiple devices for creating wish lists and favorite titles. However, there is an immense need to have a library card for borrowing books from overdrive.

20) Unclouded cloud manager

That is one of the best apps for Android for heavy cloud storage users dependent on Google drive and other search engine tools. With the help of this application, you can manage, track, and efficiently analyze all cloud-based things.

From Accounting to Project Management Top Business Applications help you Grow Businesses

The best Android business applications help you run the business efficiently and effectively. That saves both cost and time.

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24, May 2021

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